Posted by: smirkdirk | January 4, 2009

GirlKid and Smirk’s Aimless Trip to the Mountains

The plan was, to meet Mrs. Smirk and BoyKid up at the ski resort where they had gone on Boykid’s Boy Scout trip.  Things didn’t quite work out that way.

The Directions, handily downloaded from mapquest to Brie’s new I-touch.


I had two breakfast burritos, Brie a bec biscuit.  Her Diet Coke tasted all funky and extra syrupy, mine was fine.  What up with that?

Random Parking Lot Shot From McDonalds

Hickory K-Mart

Went to take pictures of stuff while driving and my BRAND NEW DURACELL rechargeble cam batteries were dead!  I had just pulled them out of the charger 12 hours earlier, and had barely used them.  Bought disposable ENERGIZER cam batteries so that I could bring you the rest of these photos.  (Lucky you)

On the Road Again

I-40, specifically.  It is always wise to follow a casket truck.  Then you are prepared should anything disastrous happen on your journey.

Also on I-40.  Go visit the site.  Help ’em rescue the Pugs from bad people!

Finally in the Mountains!~

…and sorta thirsty.  They gave us teeny-tiny drinks at McDonalds not to mention that Brie barely touched hers.  So we stopped at this cool mountain convenience store to get drinks.


This is what the outside of the store looked like.  Inside they were all cooking up burgers and stuff.  But we weren’t ready for lunch yet.

I bought me a Diet Coke

And I bought GirlKid a Diet Mountain Dew which is a Pepsi product.  Just like you have to keep the competition between Energizer/Duracell on their toes, so too with soft drinks.

Whilst I was inside purchasing fine soda goods from Christa’s, GirlKid snapped this photo.  His nose glows like the star of Bethelehem, yet his eyes don’t look nearly so innocent.

Yosemite Sam was painted on this monster truck parked outside Christa’s

And That Means You!

Condo on the left, ski slope on the right, mountain in the middle.

Zoomed all the way in from Food Lion parking lot.  The Bunny Slope!

We arrived at the resort.  It was a mobscene.

We waited at the bottom of one of the slopes for signs of our peeps, but too many people, and all of them bundled up, we could see no faces.

About 30 seconds after I took this picture, some guy leaned his skis up against this fence and sent all the skis toppling over and had to sheepishly pick them all up.  Ha Ha!, I pointed at him and said, like Nelson from The Simpsons.  Actually, I didn’t do that.

We searched the tubing area, but no peeps.

Cool Tractor!

I guess they used this snow tractor to move the fake snow around to make the tubing area all tubable and stuff.

We went back to the Bunny Slope searching for Tommy.

People Learning to Ski…

…but no BoyKid.

Oh wait, there he is, in the middle of a lesson.

Then we called him over and made him pose for us.  He said Mommy was on one of the slopes.  We found out later she was only a few yards from us among the horde of Bunny Slope watchers.

Having hung out at the ski resort for more than an hour with no sign of anything actually happening we left and came across with this, which I’d heard of before but never been.  $14 per person admission.  Holy S***!

They had a pretty cool mountain zoo there, with this Bald Eagle who would not turn towards me, but was cool regardless.  Heck, I wouldn’t turn either if I were him!

And Deer

And mountain lions

Who just like real cats, could give a crap less if you’re trying to photograph them.

I don’t think it really comes through in the photo, but two trees sort fell together and their branches were all perpendicular to each other, and it looked sorta neat.

We then visited the Grandfather Mountain nature museum where Brie was viciously assaulted by a statue dude!

But she sorta deserved it for laughing at him.  She survived.

We then made our away up this twisty, curvy road to the top of Grandfather Mountain.

Cool Mountain View on Cool Mountain Road

Cool Mountain Tree on Cool Mountain Road

They are currently building a brand spanking new gift shop at the tippy top of the mountain.

Please be patient while they are building!

In the meantime, this is the gift shop.

This is the famous footbridge that Grandfather Mountain is known for.

Here’s the bridge from far away after having crossed it.

Grandfather Mountain Scenery from the tippy top


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