Posted by: smirkdirk | January 29, 2009

Travel Blog O’ Tragedy

On August 4, 2008 Chriss Horsman and Carol Ann Hoff began a cross-country motorcycle/RV trip. On September 4, 2008 Carol dumps him. I’m guessing she had her reasons but they’re not very clear to him, and she sure does sound rather uncaring and mean. Without giving too much away, by the end of the blog he’s been through hell and back and still no Carol. Carol, like I said, I’m sure you have your reasons however it does seem so cold-hearted.

Regardless, it is really a great read and the arc of the story is fascinating, in fact quite literary and Hemingway-esque. And the open-ending is nothing less than haunting.

Chriss, if you’re out there, I wish you all the best, my man.

The Traveling Retiree

Here is a picture of Chriss and Carol in happier times.

(Edited Feb 16, 2009: This post generates quite a few hits daily with people searching for Carol and Chriss – mostly Carol. In the interest of not being such a dick, especially if employers and such are Googling her, I’ve eased up on Carol a bit with less name-calling on my part as the whole situation is completely none of my business and I’m sure my internet-judgment is totally not needed. That being said if anyone has an update on these two, particularly Chriss and his health, please leave a comment.)



  1. Just an update on Chriss – he’s looking healthy and ready to ride – I met him only last Saturday and had a chance to chat about motorcycles and briefly about his trip! He’s currently near Park City, Utah, and plans to continue onward this summer.

    Rob “roborider” Osborne

  2. Thanks for the update, Rob! I wish him all the best. If he starts another blog of his travels, (or continues where the other one left off) I’d love to link to it!

  3. I think he’ll probably continue where he left off on – this is the most recent version, one that includes his last Birthday ride entry back in October.

    If I find out differently, I’ll let you know.

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