Posted by: smirkdirk | February 4, 2009

Guitar Hero: World Tour tops Rock Band 2 by 2:1 in 2008

Before digging into the sad fact that is the title of this thread, I would first like to mention that since my last post about shipwrecks I have played this:

The first level of which takes place on a gigantic cargo ship during a major storm tipping it this way and that. Very intense, and highly recommendable. (But you knew that already since it was considered the Best Game of 2007 by several video game magazines and websites, and I’m just very late to party, [Which should be the tagline to this blog because it does seem to be habit] but for good reason, since I save a lot, lot, lot of $$$ by waiting until the new-sheen has faded from video games and purchasing them used from gamestop usually at about 1/2 the going price. So basically, I’m cheap. Yeah, I said it. Although girlkid and boykid will not let me be cheap when it comes to Resident Evil 5 and Halo Wars, both of which will be coming out in March, and both of which will probably be purchased new the week they come out.)

So, onto the business at hand:

According to this article Guitar Hero is still just wiping the floor with Rock Band.

People, if you are in the market, I and everyone I know who has played both all agree that you really need Rock Band, and although many will concede that when it comes to the guitar peripheral, GH is superior, all other instruments, especially drums, but also vocals are superior on RB.

If my word by itself doesn’t convince you, (which it totally should, but just in case it doesn’t,) check out the list of downloadable content for the love of God!

Rock Band downloadable content.

Guitar Hero downloable content.

If that doesn’t clinch it for you, keep in mind that the amount of venues in the Rock Band game are tenfold to what Guitar Hero has, meaning you’re not staring at the same ten stages over and over.

And it might be just me, but the polygonal, brightly-colored characters that populate GH just, well just aren’t nearly as cool as Rock Band’s peeps who are relatively, realistically rendered and less cartoony.

Plus, any content purchased for Rock Band 1 and 2 is playable in either game, and furthermore, almost all of the songs on Rock Band 1 can be imported to your harddrive and played as part of Rock Band 2.

Needless to say, most of the previously purchased downloadable content on any previous version of Guitar Hero is not playable in Guitar Hero World Tour, not to mention any of the songs on any of the previous GH games.

It really is a travesty to most true music-video game fans that Guitar Hero keeps trumping Rock Band.

Oh Well.

Here’s a more balanced PC World article about the two games. (Note it still sort of agrees with me in the end.)

And here’s a long-forgotten, cool song that is available on Rock Band.

And here is that absolutely kick-ass level in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare involving the ship:


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