Posted by: smirkdirk | February 6, 2009

Snake Stuff For The Weekend

Just on the off-chance you didn’t know that they discovered the remains of a 43 foot long prehistoric snake this week, here’s a news article about it.


Here’s the 30-second bunny version of Snakes on a Plane.

Here’s the trailer for the 1973 non-hit movie “Sssssss” – (That’s 7 s’s if you’re counting.)

That dude in the you-tube still-image totally looks like Hurley from Lost, does it not?


Here’s an MP3 by REM about a snake, (although I’m thinking he’s being all metaphorical and stuff.)

The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight – REM


This is a Caduceus and/or a Rod of Asclepius which is the symbol of medicine in Western Culture.

You can read about those here. and here.

(I went to my doctor yesterday for a three-month check-up. He’s sorta concerned because I may have an under-active thyroid. Took blood.)


And here’s an article about the MEDICINAL USE OF SNAKES IN CHINA

To quote: “Among the earliest recorded use of snakes in Chinese medicine was the application of sloughed snake skin, described in the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing (ca. 100 A.D.) It was originally applied in the treatment of superficial diseases, including skin eruptions, eye infections or opacities, sore throat, and hemorrhoids”

Hemmorrhoids? Really?


Which leads us, finally, to a picture of a Hemmorrhoid.

In case you can’t tell, this photograph is taken moments before a flare-up.

Psst: Here’s an MP3 to Get On Your Boots by U2 – get it while it lasts…


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