Posted by: smirkdirk | February 14, 2009

What Do Quentin Tarantino & U2 Have In Common?

Nothing as far as I know except for the fact that this post is about them both only because I stumbled across the teaser trailer for Quentin’s new flick and U2’s new video within 10 minutes of one another.

The Inglorious Basterds trailer seems to hold the promise of lots of crazy, mega-violence of the head exploding like a melon variety. In fact, that’s pretty much all Brad Pitt’s dialogue seems to be telling us. Plus, it lets us know that the violence is against those “Nat-Zees”, which video games have taught us are perfectly suited to the most insane acts of depravity because they totally deserve it. The “Nazi-Presence” is an artistic license that allows directors and artists to use that much more fake blood when making the violence for us to consume, and yet it also allows the audience to remain pacifists. Bring it on!

And so, on to U2’s new video. The new song has sorta grown on me, and the video gives me a quick time-travel back to Achtung Baby and Pop, the 90’s stuff, which is my favorite stuff. With any hope, the accompanying tour will be more along the lines of Zoo TV or Popmart than these last two tours. Spectacle, that’s all I’m asking for. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Also, U2 is scheduled to play Dave Letterman for 5 nights straight beginning March 2nd.



  1. I’m usually a QT fan, but this one, I dunno. Is it just me or have we entered an era where everyone’s just too goddamned jaded? Everything’s so post-modern and wink winky. And remakes of everything. Godamn the transformers and GIJOE and Friday the 13th and the Pink f’ing Panther. This is that bastard Lucas’ fault. And more so the rubes of my generation who let too many brain cells die from that second bowl of Coo Coo Puffs every Saturday morning.

    Yes these things were cool when I was ten, but then I discovered alchohol and mastrubation.

    As for the kitten – I’d give him a 5 on the sleepy scale but 1 on cute. He looks like he’s just eaten the drum stick at 12:01 and is caught between the Mawgwai/Gremlin transitional stage (more nostaligic bullshit — I HATE the fucking 80s).

  2. It’s Cocoa Puffs.

  3. Creative License

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