Posted by: smirkdirk | February 16, 2009

Do What You Will With Nancy Pelosi, But Let’s Keep Her Daughter

Happy President’s Day

Who’s that next to Nancy? Her daughter Alexandra who’s turning into quite the prolific documentary film-maker.

Between her Ted Haggard documentary and her newest “Right America: Feeling Wronged”, both for HBO, she’s making quite a name for herself. In “Right America: Feeling Wronged”, Pelosi traversed the McCain/Palin rallies interviewing the Republican base. A fascinating interview with her is here.

Some highlights:

“Thousands and thousands, hundreds of thousands of people showed up to see the McCain-Palin ticket. Maybe a dozen people humiliated me — you know, embarrassed me and made me feel really unwanted. I don’t want to paint the whole lot of the Republican base as mean-spirited and cruel and unfriendly. To me it’s more interesting to focus on the real Christian conservatives who didn’t agree with anything I had to say but invited me over for dinner so that we could talk about it.”

“Obama was on the cover of every magazine all summer long. I understand Obama sold magazines. It’s a business. But when you’ve got a presidential election and you have half of the country feeling really underrepresented, I think that’s a real problem. And I think that’s a bigger problem than Obama versus McCain.”

“I live in Union Square in Manhattan, and I walk out my front door and there are just lines of buttons, lines of T-shirt salesmen selling these artistic images of Barack Obama. I’ve been to Cuba. That’s exactly what it looks like. There are some things that they see that make them uncomfortable. And I think we have to respect that and understand that. Not say, “Oh, they’re just extremists. Oh, they’re just freaks. Oh, they’re just racists.” They’re not.”

And that’s just in the first third of the interview. Go read it. Here, I’ll link to it again so you don’t even have to scroll back up the page.

Here’s a clip of her on Hannity. Which sorta shows what she’s trying to do with her documentaries and interviews – which might be to engage the political whilst unsuccessfully trying to remove the political and get to the “real” and “human” face – which turns out to be just another facet of, surprise, the political. You get my drift. Even Hannity is completely charmed by her enough to shut the hell up at some points and actually have a conversation.



  1. Very enjoyable diversion, reading your musings! I shall visit again.

    (I’d comment more specifically, but I’ve got to get back to some studies.)


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