Posted by: smirkdirk | February 17, 2009

Might Be Worth A Play

“This is Vegas” due out in May for Xbox 360 and PS3….

A stand-in for The Luxor

Parking outside The Flamingo

Kickin’ some ass in a Caesar’s Palace hallway… or The Venetian?

Grabbin’ some ass at The Devil’s Deal

When a powerful businessman begins turning Las Vegas into a family-friendly tourist trap, you must start your own powerful empire and resurrect the famous adult playground.

Midway spent between $40 million and $50 million developing it. (Where does that money go? To payroll? Honestly, this is a real question.)

Trailer Here. If you look carefully you’ll catch a Hunter S. Thompson, Fear-and-Loathing look-alike, which ups the street-cred and coolness factor.

Or, visit the website.

EDIT: In response to my question above, ‘where does the money go?’, I was right. Payroll. Good article in Slate today about videogame development. “Electronic Arts steadily employs 7,400 developers. The industry standard is a $10,000 man-month, meaning the company burns through more than $74 million for development each month.” Link: What’s Killing the Video-game Business


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