Posted by: smirkdirk | February 25, 2009

A U2 Thing I’m NOT Looking Forward To

Ummm, Spiderman the Musical.


Spiderman the Musical with music by Bono and the Edge.

Dude, really?

On Broadway.

Get outta here…

Directed by the woman who did The Lion King musical. (She also directed the movie “Across the Universe” which was pretty kick-ass – to me anyway.)

No. Really?

Yes, really.

Its actually year-old news but hit the press today with the announcement of an opening date early in 2010.

Here’s some photoshop fun people on the interwebs have been having with the idea.

I’m not going to make any dire predictions here but I can’t help being reminded of the Lestat musical back in 2006 with music by Elton John and lyrics by his famed partner Bernie Taupin. Hell, that seemed like a perfect match, people to material, and it opened and closed in a week or something like that. In fact, the New York Times review of it begins “A promising new contender has arrived in a crowded pharmaceutical field. Joining the ranks of Ambien, Lunesta, Sonata and other prescription lullaby drugs is “Lestat,” the musical sleeping pill that opened last night at the Palace Theater.” (Funny guy, that Ben Brantley, hopefully he’ll get to review Spiderman.)

In interviews Bono has hinted at a second album by the end of 2009. Maybe this is what he’s talking about. The full title is “Spiderman – Turn Off The Dark” – that tagline is the name of one of the songs.

There is one thing that makes me feel better and provides a little hope: “A story that has been circulating that Marilyn Manson requested a role in the Spider-Man musical because he’s such a fan of the web-slinger. “Marilyn just asked me if he could have a part in Spider-Man. The funny thing is, he really liked the music on my new movie,” Taymor said, according to a report from Bang”

Even though he’s a bit has-beeny, there is something cultily rewatchable about anything he’s in, for example Party Monster and Lost Highway, and if anything, Marilyn Manson is about as theatrical of a performer as you could ask for. And as far as acting, his performance in the clip below from the Antichrist Superstar tour shows his talent:

Look at him rip the pages from that Bible! You would think that he really hates the Bible from the way he’s tearing it to pieces all rage-cage and stuff! But really he loves the Bible. Do you know why? Because without it he’d have no career. What an actor!

(For the record, I do think Antichrist Superstar is a great album, and probably in the top ten of the 90’s.)

Anyway, here’s U2’s last foray into the world of superheroes, but let it be said, that contributing a song to a soundtrack is in no way the same thing as writing a whole friggin’ musical. (U2 lore has it that Joel Schumacher, the director of Batman Forever, offered Bono a chance portray the ZooTV character, Macphisto, in the film, but he declined… He should have done it.)

And finally, Anton Corbijn made a film to go along with the new album that will be available with deluxe versions of the new album. Here is a info about that, and here are some still shots from it. It actually looks quite beautiful. One marvels at how U2 attempt to balance the artsy-fartsy (Anton Corbjin) in the left hand, while the right hand is stroking away at pop-cheese (Spiderman).

(P.S. – I swear this is NOT a U2 blog – just so much crap with them happening right now that I find interesting…)


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