Posted by: smirkdirk | March 1, 2009

Scary Sunday Videos

Did you know that back in January the US Congress got its own YouTube channel? Now don’t break down the internet all clicking through at once…


Here is Rush Limbaugh’s speech to CPAC yesterday which was carried commercial free by FOX and CNN. He refers to it as his “first ever address to the nation.” You gotta admit, the man is good at what he does… and raising blood pressure. It’s actually the audience that’s scary in this one. (When did he gain all the weight back? Honest question.) Kinda funny how there are only two camps with him, liberal and conservative, no shades of gray. Evidently, in his world, you can’t be, say, for Obama’s stimulus plan and against abortion at the same time. No such thing as being liberal in some ways, and conservative in others. Nope. Just black and white. That’s all we got.


And on the other side, I was up really late last night and caught an Obama commemorative coin infomercial. A whole half-hour. I watched about 20 riveting minutes of it. Fascinating, bizarre, and yes, also scary. This plate one gives off the same creepy third-world-dictator vibe.


Scary Ghosts!


And finally, even though its old I still think its friggin’ hysterical. Scary, because, it really isn’t as nearly satirical as it thinks it is…
Definitely NSFW


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