Posted by: smirkdirk | March 22, 2009

Blogging and Narcissism

This article in Slate about narcissism got me thinking about whether the very act of having a blog is narcissistic in and of itself. That theory has been bandied about in reference to Myspace and Facebook, and whether or not they’re making all of the kids and teenagers into a bunch of egomaniacs, but blogging sorta gets a free pass.

Have you ever tried just randomly going through blogs? For instance, go to a random blog on blogspot. Here, I’ll get you started. We’ll go to Slacker’s Chronicles which I found by merely googling “blogspot man in the mirror”. From there you will notice at the top of the page a button that lets you, quite randomly, jump to the next blog, and the next blog, and the next blog. There are an absolute shitload of blogs out there, and if you keep going you’ll find that a ton of them last maybe ten posts, sometimes even less. The person just gave up, abandoned their blog like, say, a cemetery in Landsford, SC. (I mean, look at that narcissistic ingeniousness! I made a metaphor out of one of my own previous posts, and even linked to the previous post because I can’t let an opportunity to let my blog wander too far off-topic – that topic of course being friggin’ me. Yeah, me!)

These blog abandoner’s evidently are not narcissistic enough to even be interested in themselves to write about it a couple of times a week. Really, you can totally be a lazy blogger, just post some videos from failblog and call it post. Your 4 readers will forgive you. They know this shit takes time which, of course, with all the naval gazing you’re trying to do you don’t have a lot of. Which leads me to the question, are blog abandoners actually the most narcissistic – abandoning their blogs because the time it takes to care for a blog (which, honestly, is not much if you make every 5th post a link to somebody else’s “amazing photos”) is getting in the way of good narcissism time?

But, to be honest, even this past week, I really couldn’t think of anything worthwhile to blog about.

I thought about blogging about Vuze a free bittorrent application I discovered this week. (EDIT: APRIL 30, 2009 – I CAN NO LONGER RECOMMEND THIS SOFTWARE! ENDED UP WITH VIRUSES/ADWARE/ETC. NOT FROM THE SOFTWARE, BUT FROM SOME OF THE DOWNLOADED CONTENT. IF YOU DO TRY IT, BE CAREFUL AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AVAST OR ANOTHER ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAM AVAILABLE. IF ANYONE HAS ANY ADVICE ON HOW TO USE IT SAFELY, FEEL FREE TO COMMENT BELOW.) I’d always found bittorrent to be somewhat of a mystery and always wanted to join the party because it sure as hell sounded like a good one, (and in actuality, now that Vuze hooked me up I can assure you that it truly is…) but it was always sorta of a secretive thing even on the internet. Nobody was really forthcoming about the nuts and bolts of the how to with bittorrent. So go download Vuze if you’re interested in all sorts of cool movies and music. If you fiddle enough it becomes quite self-explanatory.

I also thought about blogging about this:

I recently finished it and though it has rather mediocre ratings from the videogame sites 6 or 7 out of 10, I rather enjoyed it. But then my enjoyment of it was directly related to my bias for survival horror, and within that genre of game its worth a play, but for someone who doesn’t have a special affinity for SH it would be sorta meh.

I thought about blogging about politics, but who in the fuck needs more bloggers blogging in the blogoshere about that dead horse.

I also thought about blogging about a little family issue that occurred in the household this week in which I made myself look like a tremendous ass, and totally owe my daughter an apology which would mean something more in a public environment such as this blog that a whole 4 people read regularly. But the post would be a totally long, boring story and those 4 people probably wouldn’t even finish reading it, so suffice it to say, I can just say right here:

Sorry, Girl Kid, for realsies, all public and stuff, in italics and everything. Please forgive me.

And it doesn’t even need its own boring post. Done and done.

So you see, this very post came from the fact that I really am not even narcissistic enough to think of something to talk about – and at the end of it – holy shit, I have a whole blog post. Now we’re talkin’ narcissism!

Here’s what happens when narcissists who have no business being narcissists make a rock band. (Is that a Casio keyboard?) As the Slate article said, one of the traits of narcissists is the lack of shame.

Footnote #1: You know, above when I wrote, “that topic of course being friggin’ me. Yeah, me!” – Well, I’ve totally had Joan Jet stuck in my head since I wrote that so here’s an MP3

Footnote #2: After I wrote this post started going deeper into the Slacker’s Chronicles blog and its fascinating. Good writing!

Footnote #3: Ironically enough, after I posted this post this site, AlphaInventions, that randomly generates blog pages from all of the major blogging sites linked to me and generated hundreds of views. Actually very kickass for reading random blogs and allows you to pause and continue at your leisure on various posts from around the world. Check It.



  1. hahaha
    i forgive you, boy man.

  2. Thanks for the link and the compliments. Drop by anytime. You have to be a bit of a narcissist to think that people will be interested in what you have to say, i think. The difference between blogs and other social media is that on blogs most visitors don’t have a link…they drop by and come back if they find something they like…your visit today case in point.

  3. Thanks for your visit and link to your own great post about on the topic, Slacker! I’m sure I’ll be stopping by occassionally to steal your material and pass it off as my wordsmithery…

    See you around!

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