Posted by: smirkdirk | April 17, 2009

Weekend Movie Recommendation – “Let The Right One In”

Mix up the well-rounded characters of Interview with a Vampire, the blood and violence of 30 Days of Night, and add some confused kids a’la Twilight and what you get is Let the Right One In – a near perfect vampire movie- although poorly titled.

We caught this last night over the Netflix Watch Instantly service. Its Swedish and subtitled, and if you try to watch it I would forewarn you that Netflix’s on-line version is framed wrong so you miss a bunch of the subtitled dialogue at the top of the screen – so, if possible, get the DVD.

Otherwise, the swimming pool scene and the cats vs. vampires scene are worth your money and your time all by themselves.

Here is the official trailer:

Here is the swimming pool scene. Its always nice to have a vampire as a BFF when bullies start messing with you. (The low quality of this clip does not do it justice.)

Now Go Rent!


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