Posted by: smirkdirk | April 24, 2009

Snoopin’ In Other People’s Business for Fun and… Well, Just For Fun

For a good laugh check out Texts From Last Night

A Couple of My Favorites:

(619): i miss you so much
(858): i miss you too
(858): oops, did i send that to you? i meant to send it to the money you owe me

(949): youre so sexy i want your bod
(410): dude, did you turn gay?
(949): heather?
(410): this is jacob

Also check out Overheard In New York

Here a couple to start you off:

Girl #1: Where is Jose, anyway?
Girl #2: Boyfriended.
Girl #1: Is that like an island or something?
Girl #2: No, it’s a state of being.

Teenage girl #1: Oh my god, could you imagine having a baby, like, you know…inside of you?
Teenage girl #2: Oh my god, no! Eeeww!
Teenage girl #1: I know, right? But I would do it.
Teenage girl #2: You would? You wouldn’t mind them cutting into you?
Teenage girl #1: They do that?
Teenage girl #2: Yeah, you get cut open. It’s called a Sicilian.


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