Posted by: smirkdirk | May 19, 2009


How I’ve surfed the internet for 10+ years and not stumbled upon this place until last Saturday, I have no idea. But since Saturday, a majority of my internet time has been spent soaking in the hilarity that is Uncyclopedia.

The same concept as Wikipedia in that anybody can go and edit, but at Uncyclopedia the end result is humor. That an open community can actually be this funny is a testament to humankind as far as I’m concerned.

Articles on things as innocuous as horizontal lines , to the outrageousness of Kitten Huffing (Psst: The orange ones fuck you up REAL good.), to a painstakingly written article on 3D glasses are awesome. Interestingly enough, articles on things such as Rush Limbaugh which you would think would be an easy target are full of nonsense and such vitriol that the funny is pretty much taken a way.

Although, for some reason, this gif cracks me up.


And remember to look up stuff that you like, to see it pummeled into submission.

For instance, in my case, here’s an article on Ewe To (“Since the early 80s, U2 have been the primary export of Ireland, after Guinness, ugly women, incohernet speech and the martial art of Bar-fighting.”)

And here’s one about Xbox “ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Looked At X-Box 360 Article On”

Or how about this ingeniousness:

Logo of Xbox 360: an X, a Box, and a 360-degree circle.

Finally, in case you want to join in and start editing articles, Uncyclopedia has a serious yet funny article called Uncyclopedia:How To Be Funny And Not Just Stupid that is an excellent discourse on the nature of humor and a must-read whether you plan on contributing or not.


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