Posted by: smirkdirk | May 21, 2009

The Passion Burns Deep

“I remember seeing this movie when I was in college in 85. I thought these characters were the coolest. Man was I an idiot. I watched this movie recently. What a bunch of friggen idiots.”
– mcgrathmikejody – IMBD Message Boards

I, Smirkdirk, also watched this movie recently, but for me it was the first time. However, I do remember the summer it came out, 1985. I was fifteen, had just started going through puberty, and was at a private summer school my Mom had signed me up for to keep me out of trouble. I remember a few of the hot 17-year-old girls who totally wouldn’t even talk to a young geek like myself being totally into it. I wanted to see it just to feel grown up.

Now I’ve seen it. Throughout the movie I kept mentioning to Mrs. Smirk how absolutely stupid Rob Lowe’s feathery shaped, dangling earring was. The Emilio Estevez stalker plot, by 1985 standards was endearing, but by today’s standards downright creepy, and in fact, I think they’ve passed laws against that sort of thing at this point. The virginity subplot Mrs. Smirk recalled from her young lass watchings back in the 80’s as sort of heartbreaking – and me, in this day and time found it all rather amusing. Lastly, all these characters and not a single black person? I really have to have my angst and cheese sandwich on white bread? Sheesh.

Another criticism; they only played Man in Motion two times during the movie, and I was totally pumped for the cheezwiz in its entirety during the closing credits, but it wasn’t there. I suffered through that song thousands of times during that innocent summer of ’85, pretending to like it so maybe the hot girls would talk to me – and now that I want to hear it it’s not there!? What gives?

That’s all. Now, I can say I’ve seen St. Elmo’s Fire. Peace be with you. (And also with you)


Oh wait, not the end:

{Mrs. Smirk has informed me that it’s caustic things such as this that perhaps kept the hot 17-year-old girls of yore from talking to me.}

Oh yeah, Mrs. Smirk!? Well here’s the St. Elmo’s Fire streaming on-line for free!
Well, yeah, I know it’s about 25 years too late… but…

Anyway, there are two things you, Constant Reader, should take away from this post. First: Remember, You can always count on your friends. Don’t ever let the fire go out. And secondly: In some ways you’re a lot like me, you’re just a prisoner and you’re trying to break free!

Oh, and one more thing: Rob Lowe tries to explain it at end of the movie to a horribly depressed and on-the-verge-of-suicide Demi Moore, but St. Elmo’s Fire is actually a spooky sort of weather phenomenon. Read about it here or see it:


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