Posted by: smirkdirk | July 12, 2009

New Video I-Pod

So in 2004 I got an ipod for my birthday. It was an old school U2 ipod made right before they released the video ipods. It had an LCD screen and was 20 Gigs. This is it:

It broke about a month or so ago and I didn’t really fret much since it did provide me with nearly 5 years of reliable use. Definitely got my money’s worth out of that one.

So, yesterday I replaced it with one from a pawn shop, complete with some other person’s music on it. 4000 songs worth. A girl named Alana. Alana’s music taste seemed to run mainly in country and hip hop. Lots of Toby Keith and Brad Paisley paired up with 50 Cent and Eminem. She had some classic rock and pop thrown in there too for variety, almost all of it so obviously stolen from the internet with all sorts of wrong song names and wrong artists matched up to songs. For instance, You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) was supposedly by Billy Joel. Now, I understand confusing Journey songs with REO Speedwagon songs, but Billy Joel and Dead or Alive? It has her personal photos on it too, but I’ll be deleting them.

Why a pawn shop? Well, I just hate spending over $200 for one, when even the U2 one, though new, was bought through an Amazon seller and wasn’t sealed or anything and worked for years with no problem. Plus, I had the time to scope out the pawn shop situation/dealio as for the first time in a long time I was left to my own devices for most of the day and didn’t have to work. I went to three of them that are on South Blvd in Charlotte, all of them on the same two mile stretch of road. As a sidenote, I also discovered that pawn shops are THE place to buy DVD’s. Almost every DVD is $5 or less, and most of them are in the $1 to $3 range. Before I hit the pawn shops I had strolled through a flea market in my ipod quest, which is a bad place to buy DVD’s, the standard price there is $5 to $10, most of them $10.

Anyway, as I’d never had movies and video on an ipod before I did me some searching on Google video which lets you download the videos in an MP4 format playable on ipods and PSP’s. I discovered on the way home last night that the little coin-tray drawer thing that comes out of my dashboard totally holds the ipod straight up so I can – ummmm – watch stuff on it whilst I’m – ummmm – parked. And, like, not parked too. Anyway, I watched me some Dane Cook last night which Alana had on there and it worked out so good, I decided to load me up some videos.

Here’s some selections I found on Google video for my ipod entertainment – you can download ’em too, if you want, or you can just watch ’em right here. (Because WordPress sucks it will not embed the Google videos, so I have provided a link to the downloadable MP4 Google version, and embedded a youtube version. Get it together WordPress!) {Note my sense of entitlement regardless of the fact that WordPress is free. Sheesh, what an asshole…}

Alive In Joburg: This is a short film that has now been made into a soon to be released long film called District 9.

Here’s the gore-tastic Wheels Of Tragedy from the Ohio Department of Transportation circa 1963.

Lastly, here’s The Red Balloon which won the Oscar for Best Short Film in 1956.

Psst: Here’s Eyes Wide Shut



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