Posted by: smirkdirk | September 4, 2009

Guitar Hero 5 – Travesty?

In short, in Guitar Hero 5 Kurt Cobain is a playable character, meaning you can use him to sing other tracks in the game. Thus, we get Cobain rapping, Cobain ‘Dancing With Himself’ and Cobain ‘Giving Love A Bad Name’.

The folks who posted this video seem to think this is some sort of great disrespect to his legacy, something he never would have done or approved of, and motivated only by Courtney Love’s greed. I, for one, think Cobain was a talented song writer, but not near the revolutionary that some cast him to be. Despite that, knowing what I know about Cobain, even analyzing the sly humor buried in his music, (I mean, turning deodorant into a metaphor for teen awkwardness is, you gotta admit, ingeniously funny… even though supposedly he didn’t even know that Teen Spirit was a deodorant.)

All things considered, I actually think he probably would have loved this:

In other news, I came across what just might possibly be the best pron satire ever! Unfortunately embedding is not available so follow the link!


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