Posted by: smirkdirk | September 17, 2009

Birthday Present!

Well Mrs. Smirk and the well-bred Smirk children bought me a cool little laptop/netbook thingie for me for my birthday which begins in about two hours. Up ’til now I’ve been doing blog posts on my work computer before work starts or during breaks.

Hopefully, that will mean that this blog gets a few more posts a week than it has been getting as of late.

Thanks family!

Here is “Birthday” Beatles Rock Band style:



  1. Happy Birthday Smirk!

    Or are you kind of like the Smurfs, so that I should say, “Smirky Birthday” or “Happy Smirk Day” or “Go Smirk Yourself?”

  2. You are welcome baby!! We love you!! 🙂

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