Posted by: smirkdirk | October 6, 2009

On Our Way to U2!

Well, in just an hour or two we’ll be heading to the airport for a flight to Atlanta – myself, Mrs. Smirk and the two Smirklings – for U2’s show tonight and the Atlanta Aquarium tomorrow.


On a blog-related note, due to a couple of my recent posts, the healthcare post, and the Rebel Son post, the notorious commenter Chancho Cox has accused me of turning much more conservative than I used to be. In fact, he called me his personal Dennis Miller. In Chancho’s view I have taken a right turn and not for the better. Like Dennis, I used to yuck it up on SNL and be kinda funny, and now I’m doing a boring play by play on the NFL – and making vague references and doing cloying conservative punditry on the side.

Unlike Dennis Miller, Dave Letterman is still a liberal. Thank God! I can understand some good old fashioned work fucking and cheating on the wife – but I can’t understand, say, the WSJ.

To this accusation I have to say, whatever Chancho.

Now I’ve got to get back to coloring the “Fuck Africa” banner that the kids and I have been coloring to hold up during the Desmond Tutu video speech part of the show, and prepare our little parking lot booth for the FOUR campaign and – wherein we take donations towards our ultimate goal of eradicating poverty for myself and my family – and perhaps get us a couple of sweet new flat-screens for the den. (Don’t worry, our sister organization should be able to take care of the Playstation 3 to hook up to the new tvs.)

I will be back on Thursday! (Not that there’ll be a blog post at that point – but I will be back.)



  1. All these f* bombs. I thought this was a family blog. Someone in the heart of the deepest jungles of Tennessee, Tipper Gore howls.

  2. I meant to say “Somewhere in the heart”…. blah blah. oh well. Hey everybody, here’s a picture of the young Smirk when he was still cool:

    • Where did you find that picture?! How embarrassing! I thought I’d suppressed all the mullet-pictures!

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