Posted by: smirkdirk | November 25, 2009

Connections: Thinking About Black or White, by Michael Jackson…

…Led to this local NC commercial by Red House Furniture:

AND this decent cover of Black or White by British pop band, Mcfly (much better than loser Adam Lambert’s cover):

But, in spite of McFly, I was still totally consumed by the Red House Furniture commercial and so then did a search about Red House and in that search came across this hard core commercial for Epic Mobile Homes in which a dude totally talks about getting hit in the the jaw with his wife’s boyfriend’s wrench…

Well, that was messed up – so I searched broken jaw with wrench and came up with this…

Which if you don’t want to watch it, I’ll understand, since its all shaky cam and crappy, but evidently ended like this:

Which lead me to wish that I’d just stuck with my original search Michael Jackson’s song. Here is footage of Michael Jackson rehearsing the song. It is from the film “This Is It” and the “performance” doesn’t reach anything close to exceptional until the very end when he starts coaching the (very good) guitar player on what exactly it is he is looking for.


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