Posted by: smirkdirk | December 11, 2009

Kurt Cobain was a Tool

Honestly, I know I’m swinging an axe here, but ever since I saw that his skanky wife twittered that she was going to sue Activision over his character in GH5, I can’t even play the game without getting pissed. (I just got done playing the game for a couple of songs and had to remove his character cuz it kept pissing me off.)

“WE are going to sue the shit out of ACtivision we being the Trust the Estate the LLC the various LLCs Cobain Enterprises.” (sic)

I think Cobain’s come to represent everything I despise. His fans play Youtube videos of his GH5 character playing “You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi and marvel at the irony of how Activision could do such a thing when he called Bon Jovi “evil”…

Granted, Bon Jovi is cheese, but is he truly evil? I mean the dude supported the following charities:

* Children Affected by AIDS Foundation
* Dream Foundation
* Elevate Hope Foundation
* Habitat For Humanity
* Hannah and Friends
* Keep Memory Alive
* Live Earth
* Love Our Children USA
* Memorial Sloan-Kettering
* Musicians on Call
* Philadelphia Soul Charitable Foundation
* Project HOME
* Stand Up For A Cure
* Stop Global Warming
* Valerie Fund


Yup, nothing more evil than that, Kurt.

I don’t listen to the Bon Jovi’s music, but I’ll admit, charity wise, Bon Jovi is far from evil, and in fact is pretty cool.

Whereas Googling “Kurt Cobain charity” brings up this:

Rock offspring Frances Bean Cobain stunned train passengers after launching into a vicious tirade when her travel plans to New York derailed – because she refused to pay for a reservation

None the less, was Cobain really in a position to pronounce people good and evil?

Is he really worth all this hero worship? Is GH5 really such a travesty when you can do the same exact thing with “characters” Johnny Cash, and Carlos Santana? How come their fans aren’t freaking out? (Johnny Cash in particular, to me, has much more street cred than Cobain will ever have…. the dude actually served time in jail a time or two, not just ‘the jail of his mind’ like Cobain.)

Even Cobain’s supposedly progressive “anti-homophobic” stances of wearing a dress during his MTV Headbangers Ball appearance and in the video for “In Bloom” pale in comparison to the stances taken by Patrick Swayze and Wesley Snipes in Too Wong Foo who truly performed “in drag” – and, seriously, I have no doubt that in his heyday, prior to their appearances in that movie, Cobain also would have lumped Swayze and Snipes into the same categories that he did Bon Jovi…

Cobain takes anti-homophobic stance in dress – fails miserably as he merely looks like the frat-boys that he despises.

Swayze and Snipes show Cobain how to take an anti-homophobic stance in a dress and succeed. Cobain pronounces Dirty Dancing “evil”.

I find Cobain’s world a sad world based on stereotypes – a very closed-minded world that he truly thought was open. And there is the crux; It’s one thing to be merely closed-minded, but even worse are those that, like Cobain, proclaim themselves open-minded and then proceed to use their supposed “open-minded” liberalism to judge everyone and everything around them that doesn’t conform to their worldview. In light of this, as of late, I find his music shallow and immature – that’s not to say I don’t recognize his poetic talent – just that it was and is shallow and immature – and to paint him as messianic is just mis-guided at best.

Funny, even after all this ruckus, Teen Spirit was just released for download in Rock Band two weeks ago. So much for street cred. Love and Grohl jumped on the music game bandwagon by the second Guitar Hero game and even made songs available on the first Rock Band game. With the release of Guitar Hero 5 and its inclusion of Nirvana’s biggest hit, Teen Spirit, every single charting hit by Nirvana is in one of these games. Interestingly, now that their are no songs left to sell, Courtney decides to bite the hand that feeds.

God I hate Kurt Cobain, Nirvana and Courtney Love – and Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters are right on their tail.

Lesson to be garnered from this post:

Bon Jovi = evil, evil, evil loser

Kurt Cobain = totally awesome, non-homophobe, open-minded, father-of-the-year-1994, WINNER!

Total loser Bon Jovi builds 6 houses with Habitat for Humanity. LOSER!

Awesome Winner Cobain succeeds in having 15 million boys and girls cry in front of their tv’s for 24 hours straight in April of 1994! WINNER! – And so are those who sat crying in front of thier tvs!

Lastly, Kurt’s final statement to Jon Bon Jovi:

And Johnny Cash’s final statement to Kurt Cobain:

My final statement to Kurt Cobain: Click the picture below for a link to all of Nirvana’s music for free! (Doing my part to make sure the parasites that are Cobain’s daughter, widow, and former bandmates make as little money as possible in the future.)



  1. Not that it matters really. But recently, Courtney was able to provide, documents proving she hasn’t been receiving the money from Nirvana’s sales. As well, as tell off the crazy conspiracy theories on Kurt’s death.Still, such shams are taken to heart such as Nirvana, means so much to people. It drowns out the hardwokring indie artists that are “positive” limelight and fighting a oppressive system. That’s it, they get no credit or recognition. But, Nirvana and it’s groupie spin off bands and half assed Foo Fighter’s irritating music does. It’s unfair. And, Hole can always put out a album anytime.

  2. You really put it into perspective. I am a Nirvana fan, but not part of the worshippers who call Cobain a “god.” I actually prefer it when people hate Nirvana, at least they’re not acting like Kurt was some gift to the world. The guy completely bailed on his own daughter. Actions speak louder than words and leaving your child because of your temporary problems is purely SELFISH. Don’t even get me started on C. Love… you’d have to be on drugs 24 hrs a day to marry that parasite. Grohl, I don’t really mind, but you made some great points. Thanks. Weeee!

  3. Oh yeah, I absolutely hate Bon Jovi’s music BUT I wouldn’t call the guy evil. I respect your opinions.

  4. Fuck you dude Kurt was so amazing his music actually ment something and Bon jovi his music just sucks it’s cheesy it has no substance Kurt was an amazing person too and he was tormented by mental depression issues and for the record, COURTNEY KILLED HIM!! Read love and death,

    • Rock on, Jesse!

  5. he said bon jovi’s MUSIC was evil. he never said he was evil as a person. and street cred? haha. they’re musicians you bozo, not gangsters.

    • Thanks for the comment Andrew, and you may well be right. There’s is a certain unhinged irrationality to my dislike of Cobain that totally comes through in this blog post, hence there is only so much defending of it I can do. In spite of that, I did go looking for the direct Cobain quote to parse but was unsuccessful. However, I did find some Cobain commentary where supposedly he “often ridiculed rival Pearl Jam, arguing that it lacked the underground purity of Nirvana.” Underground purity/Street Cred – same thing in my book. His obvious concern with judging art other than his own by its source, rather than on its own merits shows his young, un-evolved mind on display. Was Francis Ford Coppola a gangster? No. Were the first 2 Godfather films great? Yes. Works of art live outside the world of their creators.

  6. I love kurt and nirvana and i dont find anything wrong with his avatar in guitar hero he still looks fricken awsome.but i disagree with all of the things youve said especially the part of kurt not being openminded.Kurt was sick of everyone only listening to mainstream and if thats all anyone listened to how would smaller bands get any notice?He constatly talked of small indie bands he liked trying to get more notice on them and it wasnt always about him.rarely did he like things about him and nirvana.which is why he didnt like nirvana as much as it got more mainstream and towards the end of his life.Aparentley when kurt was younger he always talked about death and suicide saying things like when im older im gonna be a huge rock star then kill myself and go out in the flame of was just a fantasy for him but he had a pretty god damn tough life and so did courtney love and frances so you should think before write or at least REASEARCH instead of taking your ideas from stupid magazines.if you google kurt and frances or read a book with pictures on it youll find all times kurt was loving with his sorry but when you see someone write complete crap about someone whos been a hero to you and you love them without even knowing them.Rest in paradise kurt gods making a kick ass band in heaven

  7. You can’t bash kurt for creating music that meant something, and you should NEVER criticize a person for committing suicide; you don’t know what was going on in his head, he was depressed. I don’t hate Bon Jovi, but this article is really sickening.

  8. well it will certianly be better without ol whats her bucket bangin down the door with a shotgun any playin the girl who cried suicide, incesantly rambling in his ear with nonsencal bullshit such as “muppits raped kurts memory” and “im a good mother ” and such, shes a cunt.

  9. Although I do not want to be associated with the tin foil hat brigade. I honestly would like to think that Love offed Cobain rather than Cobain offing himself. Furthermore, Cobain was nothing but a self-righteous plagiarist who started a pathetic trend of ripping off other peoples music and calling it his own. Nirvana has received far more recognition than they truly deserve. What really cracked me up was how grunge was called “alternative” music back in the 90s when it was as mainstream as ever. Alternative rock was around Loooong before grungemeisters came around! It goes all the way back to the 1970s and had a heyday in the 1980s. I actually got a chance to hear some REAL alternative rock in the 90s which was far better than the all the mainstream grunge bullshit getting constant airplay. 1995 was such a great year as it finally brought grunge to an abrupt end. Those ugly, smelly grungies thought this musical sewage was sooooooo deep and inovative! Southern Death Cult’s 1982 self-titled album did everything that Nevermind did and made it sound much better. Let’s be honest about what Nirvana and grunge music really is: CHEAP PHONEY AUTHENTICITY SOLD TO THE MASSES.

  10. You are obviously biased simply by your music taste and are obviously uneducated on Kurt. Look up Kurt and Frances Bean and you’ll see plenty of pictures like that of Bon jovi and his kid. Kurt died before he made enough money to donate to charity, 87% of the money Nirvana has made was earned after he died. It is not proven that Kurt killed himself, a more widely accepted theory is that he was murdered and there is more evidence for that, so it’s not his fault he left his fans and daughter. Next time, do your research before saying awful things that you obviously know nothing about.

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