Posted by: smirkdirk | December 20, 2009

Tipper Gore, Jimmy Swaggart, and a Completely Unappreciated Song

Cinderella – the rock group – always sorta sucked.

But really, I think they were a victim of their own time. Forced into the 80’s hair-metal mold of the era, they complied like lemmings.

However, in their last charting hit, “Shelter Me” in pre-Nirvana 1990, they left behind many of the musical trappings of the hair-metal that made them famous, but it was too little, too late.

Or was it?

A return to pure Rolling Stones-inspired Rock n’ Roll, the little-known song “Shelter Me” (could a RS salute be more obvious?) references the Jimmy Swaggart scandal, who really was trying to be the next Billy Graham. I recall his very well-attended revivals and services being televised multiple times as I was growing up, often in prime-time on the local independent stations. Swaggart was caught masturbating as a hooker posed for him. After the scandal broke, the hooker posed for Penthouse magazine while Jimmy Swaggart pled for forgiveness from the nation, but we failed to heed his call.

“Shelter Me” also references Tipper Gore’s crusade against pop music. Inspired by Prince’s “Darling Nikki”, Mrs. Gore and her Parent’s Music Resource Center (to be cool they initialized it as the “PMRC”) managed to get Frank Zappa to appear before congress in opposition to her.

You may recognize this…

Thanks to the parental warning stickers she fought for and won, Tipper Gore introduced a whole new level of filth to pop music. Now that there were warning labels artists felt free to express themselves as obscenely as they possibly could in the knowledge that such filth would never reach young, impressionable ears thanks to her stickers. Yayyyy, Tipper! Music is so much cleaner now than it ever has been before!

In other news, Tipper also inspired a band to name itself Tipper’s Gore. Who knew the woman would have such an effect on Rock n’ Roll!?

Tipper led the war against the record industry
She said she saw the devil on her mtv
To look into the cabinet, it takes more than a key
Just like Jimmy’s skeletons and his ministry

We all need a little shelter
Just a little helper to get us by
We all need a little shelter
Just a little helper ooo, and it’ll be alright

Sing it, Dudes!

The embed option of the actual music video is disabled by the record company, however, I do encourage you to click through on this paragraph to the actual music video which is an entertaining and well-produced piece of music video history. It also has Little Richard…. !



  1. Def agree that its unappreciated, I was one in 89 but I still feel like Cinderella should of been way bigger than they were. I met them at their FL show august 7, amazing guys.

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