Posted by: smirkdirk | January 10, 2010

Sudanese Newspaper Clippings

At one of my internet hangouts we were discussing the new Ugandan law that has since been rescinded in which homosexuals are to be executed. The low-down is here in this New York Times article if you need more info on that. (Actually, I’m not sure if rescind is the right word, since they’ve now changed it to 7 years in prison, and that, only under pressure of losing massive amounts of foreign aid.)

Anyway, one of the board members, Jiggy, has a friend currently in Sudan, which is directly North of Uganda who frequently posts newspaper clippings from the area. Jiggy re-posted them into the conversation, explaining that they sure do believe some crazy shit there!

(Disclaimer: Since I don’t know which newspapers these clippings actually came from, it is hard to say rather this is truly representative or not of their daily papers – heck, if a foreigner posted clippings from Weekly World News, we’d seem pretty nuts – that’s, of course, not to say that we aren’t.)

Below are the clippings with Jiggy’s accompanying comments since he just has a way with words that I don’t.

“Homos are devils” – Jiggy

“What can you make out of a baby vagina, a knee, and calf ears? (Kandahar is slang for vagina)” – Jiggy

“Albino body parts can cure all of your ills!” – Jiggy

“Why are you bitches so uptight about mistresses? A man needs variety!” – Jiggy

(Smirk here again, this last one is just poetry – ‘…you will need someone to help you with your nagging husband during those moody moments or when the carpet is painted red…” So, if you only read one, make it this one.)

Lastly, since many of these clippings have been unfortunately truncated by my WordPress page, the originals in their full glory are here!



  1. Dude! The links don’t appear to work!! Can you repost? I was SO looking forward to those!

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