Posted by: smirkdirk | January 28, 2010

Apple’s Ipad!

As if you haven’t heard already, Steve Jobs introduced the latest and greatest from his fantastic company Apple. The Ipad! If you haven’t, here’s an article about it! And here too!

I’m very excited for this new piece of technology and can’t wait to get my hands on one!

And here’s a video about it!

EDIT: 2/3/2010 Actually, now that the whole maxi-pad angle has been done to death in only a few days, I’m sort of ashamed of this post. Now the funniest joke about it I’ve heard was on College Humor where they said, “I-Pad? That’s what people from Boston have been calling the I-pod for years…”



    Keeping your technology fresh: $499
    Keeping yourself fresh: Priceless!

    • I’m sure you, of all people, took special not of the half-ass, yet still-funny “Vertigo” satire at the end…

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