Posted by: smirkdirk | February 9, 2010

Flea Market’s R’ Us

Had a little Flea Markety-type adventure this weekend and took some pics.

Here goes:

Our first stop was Trader Marc’s Flea Market.

They pretty much took an old warehouse and converted it. As usual with flea markets, lots o’ pirated stuff (including a pair of rip-off Chuck Taylor’s that I picked up) and farmer’s market produce. Also, this stuff:

A Gothy/Emo-ey Baby Jesus with eyeliner and all! When he was a young boy his father took him into the city to join the Black Parade!

Awesome scary dolls waiting to be unleashed from their boxes to torment you in your nightmares!

Inspirational painting of Obama fist-bumping Jay-Z while Usher and company look on respectfully! (I just realized, I truly can be anything I set my mind to!)

Tastefully done painting of some lovey-dovey fisting action, complete with lube (or something) dripping down her leg!

And KISS continues the metaphorical fisting of their fans with over-merchandising, its KISS pinball!

From Trader Marc’s it was on to the Mexican mall!

The Mexican Mall is actually a pretty cool place. Basically, two years ago it was a failed outlet mall called Crossroads Mall that nobody went to. Half the stores were out of the business and the other half were on their way out. Enter some smart business people who re-designed the drab inside like a mini-downtown, set up lease-a-ble booths like a flea market, added all kinds of family-friendly stuff, changed the name to Plaza Fiesta, and lastly, catered to Charlotte NC’s large and growing Hispanic population. Needless to say, everytime I’ve been there its been busy as heck.

Here’s what the “mainstreet” looks like.

Sorta like the “Candyland” game come to life, isn’t it?

Another shopping area:

They have a gigantic play-place there. Possibly the biggest I’ve ever seen. Keep in mind that this photograph is only one side of it.

Here’s the tippy-top of the play-place.

And this little bakery was selling pretty delicious Mexican pastries, many of them made with a caramelly type stuff called Carjeta.

Finally, I think this is the only mall arcade in a 500 mile radius.

It also had this puke-inducing videogame that I’d never seen before called Turret Tower:

Yup. Just another exciting Saturday for Smirk.


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