Posted by: smirkdirk | March 12, 2010

In Defense of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga released her new video for the song Telephone today and the whole internet is abuzz. Even as the anti-Gaga (read: old people) crowd moves in for the kill, I just feel the need to say that I’ve gotta give her credit for making these things events again.

I’m from the generation where MTV and videos mattered. I remember when world premieres’ by Madonna, and MJ, and Guns n’ Roses used to be a big deal. These things were as much about whatever the song or video was about, as they were about themselves. Whether it was good or bad was almost beside the point. Your opinion matters in so much as it really doesn’t matter. Its nice to see somebody carrying on that mantel. The era of ‘superstar’ is not dead.

Yeah, it appeals to the masses, but that’s what its supposed to do. Understanding it and approaching it at that level I have total appreciation for it. Britney and Madonna can’t even pull this off these days… you know why? Because they’re not that good – and that says something right there.

Anyway, here’s her video, bi-sexuality, cigarette sunglasses, boobs and all. After watching it I suddenly feel like canceling my Verizon mobile service in favor of Virgin mobile. I wonder why? I’ll think about that later, in the meantime I’ve got to run to Best Buy and pick me up a Poloroid.

Also, this just in, Gaga has a four-song set coming out on the Rock Band video game this Tuesday. There will also be a 5th track – Eric Carman’s version of Poker Face from Southpark. It says a lot about her own sense of humor that she signed off on it.



  1. Musically I can take or leave most her stuff though it all has its own merit. Artistically she’s a force. And on appearances only, she really doesn’t take herself too seriously which is why she can push the boundaries fearlessly. And look who signs up to join the parade! She’ll never make my playlist but she is definitely the most interesting artist we’ve seen in a very long time.

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