Posted by: smirkdirk | November 1, 2010

Rob Cordry’s Assassin’s Creed Videos

This past weekend’s Restore Sanity rally was less than inspiring. Jon Stewart’s disingenuous claims of non-partisanship kind of kill the whole thing for me. Sure he’s funny, and I’ll watch him any day of the week, but lets face it, he’s preaching to the choir. He’s hardly the big-tent he thinks he is.

In the words of an internet friend: “John Stewart wears a clown face. Truth is that he’s as much a political animal as any of his peers on CNN or Fox. From the show I get that he’s liberal and a big supporter of Obama. Giving Obama ‘tough’ questions is his way of pretending like he’s unbiased. He portrays it all as satire, but this ‘rally’ is obviously a snub to the folks who dig on Fox News and think Glen Beck is cool.

In saying that I am not defending Glen Beck. I think Glen Beck is a fucking moron. I just don’t think we need a smarmy know-it-all type like John Stewart lecturing us naive folk on why it is so.”

That being said, remember Rob Cordry’s days on The Daily Show? Well, he turned up on some hilarious promo videos for the latest Assassin’s Creed game on my Xbox 360 dashboard. Since its highly unlikely that my blog peeps who don’t play videogames will ever see them, I’m gonna post ’em up.

What a WIN advertising campaign!



  1. Great videos!! I love Cordry!

    Okay, I have to address your friend’s Jon Stewart comments. Yes, you know I am an avid fan, a bit of a lefty amongst many other labels.

    Jon Stewart has been open about his left leanings. And I dispute the idea that he thinks he’s ‘big tent’. He knows his audience. He also knows critics watch but he does not come across as thinking he appeals in any way to the right.

    He’s always been an equal opportunity slammer. And the right, including the Tea Party provide ENDLESS reams of ammo.

    The rally was directly aimed at the media. Yeah, some of it was hokey. But the point was that the media is the real criminal in today’s politics. I think the rally was highly successful making the point.

    The problem of course, as you said, he was preaching to the converted. But you can’t blame him for hoping that he might be heard farther afield. Any independents listening?

  2. “The rally was directly aimed at the media…”

    He is the media.

    Whether you want to believe it or not, his fake news program which is actually very real commentary has essentially become Glen Beck for the left. For him to criticize and call for an end to the rhetoric, is, in itself rhetoric.

    It’s all very meta, and pretty cool.

    My problem is that, in my view, he’s skirting the line of hypocrisy here. His insistence that his rally was non-partisan all the way up to its start point, was insincere. I mean, look who showed up.

    And why? What’s wrong with a leftie rally? Nothing. Why the insistence on holding an obviously political rally but saying its not political? Beck’s an asshole, but he definitely puts his asshole money where his asshole mouth is. Stewart, on the other hand, wants to ride some imaginary fence that only exists in his head.

  3. Dirk,

    You make some very compelling points, but I wonder, what would you like to see in a news outlet that we don’t already have? do we need less personality or more information?

    What do you think?

    • Hey Bret,

      Your question got me thinking – I get my news from a variety of sources – all of them on the internet. My day usually begins with Google News which gives me a variety of headlines from a variety of news sources. I also peruse Slate daily – which though “liberal” politically has great science articles, writers, and good pop culture stuff. Lastly, I have two local paper websites I check out for local stuff – although as of the last few years they are more and more become like local tv news – full of car crash reports and murders with not a lot of substance. But still, I have learned a lot of interesting tidbits from my local guys.

      As far as television news, I really don’t watch much of it, and when I do catch it its almost always in a public venue – at the airport, in a restaurant, etc. – and rarely am I ever really, really paying attention.

      I cannot recommend Google News (or any other news aggregator for that matter) enough. It gives VARIETY.

      There is nothing inherently wrong with Fox News, MSNBC, The Daily Show, in and of themselves. The problem becomes when people use those outlets as their one and only source of information. There is no excuse for this, especially in a world with so much information at our fingertips in a variety of different mediums.

      In essence, John Stewart, by slamming all of the other guys as too hot-headed, too screechy – has implied that he himself is the one sane, rational one that everyone ought to watch, listen to, and believe.

      I have quite a few 20-somethings at my job, many of them from the school of Jon Stewart. They are often quite as hard-headed as the Fox-News dorks 30 years their senior – whining about how stupid the other side is.

      Stewart often berates the camera, face-first, exasperated at the stupidity he’s reporting. This is acceptable in his world evidently because its him doing it, but if anyone else doesn’t its not acceptable?

      I’m off on a tangent here, but to answer your question, there is not a singular news outlet” that is going to do the job – there are several that put together, already are doing the job. It is our job as news consumers to take advantage of this variety – to truly get curious about the intricacy and complexity of the world, instead of trying to simplify it.

      Dream on, right?

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