Posted by: smirkdirk | November 1, 2010

Should I Vote For Alvin Greene

I’ve had all day to think about this, to soul search so to speak, and I wasn’t going to vote,

but now I’m thinking about it,

thought about how I could make that change,

gonna feel real good,

gonna MAKE a difference,

gonna make it right,

being in South Carolina as I am, how often do I get to vote for a qualified candidate like Alvin Greene for the US Senate. !

Since South Carolina always goes Republican, I rarely vote unless there’s a local issue I care about. But, this is ALVIN FUCKING GREENE! Plus he’s a Democrat so I’d be voting against that tea party shit and Jon Stewart will like me a whole lot! Whatchuthink?

I know everyone’s jealous because any way I vote I get to make a mockery out of the Democratic process, but, hey, maybe someday soon it’ll be your state.

Should I vote? And if so, do I vote for the insane or the membrane?

(Apologies to Michael Jackson)



  1. Yes you should vote! Always!

    And seriously, can Alvin do any worse than any other politico? I really think he’ll scare the crap out of Congress!!

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