Posted by: smirkdirk | January 9, 2013

“The Impossible” – To Sit Through For the Mrs.

(I wanna get this blog going again – or at least post a bit here and there mainly about my interactions with pop culture. Let’s try this shit, yet again…)

This post brought to you with limited commercial interruption by Naomi Watt’s Boob!

Snuck into this after watching Django a 2nd time last weekend.

Movie pretty much starts right off with the disaster in the first 15 minutes which brings us all the quicker to Naomi Watt’s Boob!

The disaster part is done pretty terrifyingly well – the only problem is is that we’ve actually seen all this before in the internet and news videos of the event … including the horrific Japan videos.

But this movie is about more than the disaster in particular, about more than even Naomi Watt’s Boob. This movie’s about the triumph of the human spirit.

The strongest performance by far is by the kid who gets swept away with Naomi and her boob. (He’s very uncomfortable with her boob and this is made very clear in the film. Because to not be uncomfortable with her boob would be incestuous or something and violate taboos. But the audience is never all that uncomfortable with her boob.)

Anyway, the movie goes along at a nice clip with Naomi at a packed hospital, and the kid being really distraught and then helping out some other hospitalized folks and families. In all his helping he goes back to check on Naomi and her boob and she’s been moved. He’s lost her!

Movie then switches mid-stream to Ewan McGregor, the dad, and his adventures with the other two kids still at the destroyed resort. He bleats like a dying goat again and again into the darkness for his wife, her boob, and the other kid who we know are at the hospital.

This change was too jarring for our recently Django’d selves and unfortunately Mrs. was all like, I don’t watch this anymore. I tried to remind her several times for the next five minutes that this was about the triumph of the human spirit. She wasn’t buying it. I then reminded her that it was also about Naomi Watt’s boob. We left.

Honestly, with all the critical raves this thing is getting I was expecting more. It felt like a made for cable movie – and not good cable like HBO or AMC, but not bad cable either like Lifetime, but in between cable – like maybe TNT.

(I actually hope to post soon about Django as it is the fo-shiz – but so many thoughts about it, where to begin?)



  1. Definitely looking forward to the Django review. Though Survival of The Impossible Boob looks good for video review!

  2. The movie definitely had a video or netflix feel. I think its only the star power that got it a theatrical release. Seemed like something that I’d give a shot Netflix Instant and be satisfied with – but paying $10 in theatre? It just wasn’t up to that level.

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