Hi, I’m Smirkdirk.  This is a blog about whatever.  Really, just whatever.  I’m a 40-something guy, with a 40-something wife, and a couple of teen-something kids living in the Charlotte, NC area.

There’s some personal stuff here, but also a bunch of stuff that I find interesting along the way. Crap about video games, politics, movies, etc. For any links and funny stuff I post, thanks to the creators of that stuff, and thanks to the people who found it first and who I stole it from.

“In significant other news, Weather.com is predicting two – thats right, TWO – more days of consecutive sunshine. In other words, it was sunny yesterday, it is currently sunny, and tomorrow, they are predicting the continuance of sun. Thunderstorms will be taking place the rest of the week, of course, but this is unprecedented.”



  1. Pretty nice – did you make fb account yet. Even Kurt gave in.

    • Not yet. Still thinking on it. Sorta want the freedom to do whatever under the Smirkdirk moniker without having to think a whole lot about censoring myself by having anything untoward come back to haunt me in real life.

  2. creeeepy – the youtube piece gave me a flashback to “humongus” (i think that was the name of the movie) we used to watch it – only horror flick on HBO at that time – it had a huge (no pun) rotation.

    • I totally remember Humongous!
      For some reason, at the time anyway, I totally thought that Humongous’s father, the rapist in the beginning, totally looked like Roger Daltry from The Who. (Its been years, so I may totally be wrong were I to rewatch it.) Definitely a movie that deserves a rewatch with commentary from you and I, and Capn Kurt just in case the two of us grow stale.

  3. This might bring a smirk to your face. http://slackerschronicles.blogspot.com/2008/05/check-yourselfa-cautionary-tale.html
    Thanks for the compliments and hope to see you again

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